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Have your pick of career possibilities after the CIT’s Become a Trader program

A training course for traders

The Californian Institute of Trading’s Become a Trader program lives up to its name: Here, at the CIT, our primary goal is to provide students with the appropriate training to become traders in banks, in stock exchanges, in hedge funds, and more.  The program was created with this goal in mind, and our numerous theoretical courses, covering a wide variety of subjects that students will need for a career as a future trader (notably those of financial mathematics, technical analysis and money management) are applied immediately after class in a trading room, as an ideal preparation for future work in a trading room.

The majority of our students come to the CIT looking specifically to become traders, as it is the most well known career throughout market finance, and highly reputed for its difficulty and high wages.

Diverse possibilities

Even so, a mere 25% of those who work in trading rooms are actually traders. While on the trading floor, traders are supported by structurers, economists and financial analysts. In addition to these functions that work at the trader’s side, there are several others that are essential to the function of the trading room, such as quants and sales traders, that never step foot in a trading room.  All who work in these positions are united by their passion for market finance, and have the common ground of responding to the need to exchange and invest in the market.  They, like traders, are also highly paid for their work.

The CIT welcomes and assists all of its students hoping to follow careers in these specialized fields.  Developing a strong understanding of market finance is extremely important to students, and the practical application in the trading room is a necessary experience that makes any CV much more attractive to employers.  The CIT’s Become a Trader program gives students the essential prerequisites that recruiters desire when looking for quants, sales traders, or any other occupation within finance:  general knowledge about market finance, technical skills, practical experience, mastery of the English language, international diplomas…

However, this program must be followed by an education specific to each position in order to be recruited.  For example, a sales trader must have education in commerce, be it with a French “license commercial”, with an American bachelor’s degree in commerce, or in a school of business and commerce.  Students hoping to become quants would need to follow the CIT’s diploma by a PhD or a master specialized in financial mathematics.

Finally, the Californian Institute of Trading works to open the doors to the financial world to its students, and it has something to offer students of any profile.  However, for students who do not wish to become traders, it could be necessary to follow (or precede) the CIT’s diploma with another degree, in order to fulfill the conditions set by recruiters.

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